Understand why users leave your funnel.

    Know Why

    Seeing where your user dropped off is not enough. Finding why will increase your conversion rates.

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    Painpoints Highlighted

    See a list of events that trouble your users

    We analyse the users in your funnel to expose the common traits that result in drop off. For ever step, see what events users that exited experienced.

    Visualized Funnel

    Easily dive deeper into your funnel

    Funnels aren’t complicated to setup or view. See where your users drop off the most, and find out why.

    Retroactive Data

    See what happened in the past

    You don’t need to define your funnel ahead of time. After you enable Browserstream, we store your events for up to twelve months.

    Installation is easy.

    With a small snipped of javascript, you instantly get events from all users. No plugins, no waiting and no complications.

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